A brief history of Landings at St Joseph’s, Epsom

By Kevin McDonnell

We started Landings in our parish in June 2003 when 3 of us, 2 lay people and a nun, attended a short introduction to Landings course at Ealing Abbey.  In the weeks following the course we used the Landings literature to help us set up our own Landings programme. Our parish priest gave us the names of people that might be interested in joining our Landings team and after a few weeks we had a team of 5 lay people and a nun ready to help absent Catholics return to the church.

Our lay people consisted of a Police IT support technician with a wife and three young children, a qualified teacher – currently a home maker – with a husband and three young children, a human resources manager, a retired IT manager and a retired teacher. We advertised our Landings programme to the parish with articles in the parish newsletter, leaflets at the back of the church and the occasional verbal reminder from the parish priest at the end of Mass.

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Megan’s Story

By Megan

I grew up in a small Australian town, attended a Catholic primary school and was influenced by my parents’ beliefs.  When I left home for University, Church didn’t take top priority in my life.  I was busy pursuing my goals, working part-time jobs and forming relationships.  There may have been the odd hang over to contend with too.  I began teaching in Catholic schools, and attended mass as part of the school community on an irregular basis.  I stopped attending mass altogether when I moved to the UK.  There was too much to do in London.  Between work, travel, going out with friends, plus the day-to-day stuff, religion didn’t seem to have a high priority in my life.

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