A New Year at Landings UK

Dear friends,

As parishes return to routine in the autumn so Landings programmes restart.

Here at the Landings UK base at Farm Street Church in London we are looking forward to the UK launch in early 2019 of Landings 2: Living in the Spirit, a follow-up programme which builds not only on Landings but can be a next step to other parish programmes forming mature disciples to take their place in the parish and in the mission of the Church.  There will be publicity later.

Our other Landings centres, which cluster parishes throughout the country, will be offering Landings programmes too and these will be advertised locally as well as nationally.

As we start a new year we also start a slightly refined structure for Landings UK as Helen Carvalhido-Gilbert has stood down as national co-ordinator.  Helen has done a huge amount over her four years in the role to promote Landings and to greatly improve our administration.  We have much to thank her for and wish Helen well for the future.

The day-to-day promotion and administration of Landings will now be undertaken in Scotland and northern England by Margaret Johnston as Landings North Co-ordinator, landingsuknorth@gmail.com, and in the southern part of the country by Ruby Almeida as Landings London Co-ordinator, landings.london@gmail.com  Margaret and Ruby are available to answer queries about Landings in their respective regions.  In addition we are available at Farm Street to answer queries by telephone by ‘phoning my office on (020)-7529-4802.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please do remember the mission of Landings and all those contemplating returning to the Church in your prayers.

Yours Sincerely

Fr Dominic Robinson, SJ

Director, Landings UK




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