How Landings Works

The Process
A small group made up of a mixture of active and returning Catholics meets weekly for a few weeks, each session lasting  1½ to 2 hours. At each meeting the group follow a simple agenda that focuses on the sharing of each persons’ spiritual journey and discussion on a theme related to Catholic faith. The weekly sessions end with a celebration, determined by the group, for example a retreat, a meal, or a liturgy.

A safe space
Landings is a place of compassionate listening. The group listens respectfully and without judgement to one-another’s faith story and reflections on the theme, viewing each as something uniquely personal and sacred. Participants are invited to be honest and open about struggles with their faith.  Participants are asked to share only what they feel comfortable sharing. Listeners are bound by confidentiality to promote sharing. Landings does not attempt to ‘fix’ problems. Those with particular issues are invited to consult with specialised professionals – counsellors, priests, religious – who can help with specific needs.