Landings celebrates its 40th year!

Landings Celebrates its 40th Year!!!

Landings celebrates 40 years of welcoming returning Catholics globally.

Take a look back through 40 years of Landings history.

Best wishes to all the lay women and men from around the world
who have welcomed Returning Catholics back to the Table of the Lord.
May God bless us all, still returning…


Patricia Watson
Robert McCleary
Rev. Thomas A. Kane, CSP
Executive Director,
Landings International


Third Annual Landings Lecture Report 2019

Landings Third Annual Lecture April 2019

Dr. Gemma Simmonds ‘Accompanying the Return to Faith and Practice’


The talk by Dr. Simmonds was fascinating and challenging with many questions being asked of us and our faith practice. The focus of the talk was about the role of women in the Church and the myriad of reasons why women find it hard to stay in the Church, and though many do leave, yet many do say on. There were many instances throughout the talk that were easily relatable to those whom Landings reaches out to, i.e those who had distanced themselves from the Church and yet yearn to find a way back to their faith. Dr. Simmonds engaging talk certainly left us with much food for thought.

Our team – L to R

Janet Connor, Landingsuknorth, Margaret Johnston Landingsuknorth coordinator, Ellis McNorthey-Gibbs, our new LandingsUK administrator, Ruby Almeida, LandingsUK south coordinator, our speaker: Dr Gemma Simmonds CJ, Newnham College, Cambridge – and Fr. Dominic Robinson SJ, LandingsUK director.

Some comments on the day:


“To try to stem the tide, especially of women, who are leaving the faith community, Sr Gemma described components of a truly authentic welcome of those who want to return – or whom are on the cusp of leaving – with characteristic earthy passion.”


“The photos of the team…showed real joy!”


“This is such a fascinating subject…”


“I know someone who would be very interested in the setup of this ministry elsewhere…”



Third Annual Landings Lecture 2019


Dr Gemma Simmonds, CJ, Newnham College Cambridge, will address the subject:

‘Happy Landings: Accompanying the Return to Faith and Practice’

Thursday April 11th at 7:00pm in Farm Street Church Hall, 114 Mount St, London W1K 3AH

Mass in the church at 6:00pm; buffet reception to follow. Suggested donation: £10

All most welcome – to book e-mail or ‘phone Fr Dominic Robinson SJ on (020)-7529-4802

Launch of the new Landings 2 Programme at Farm Street

The first Landings 2 Programme is running at Farm Street Church. This new programme follows on from the successful Landings 1 programme that has been running for the past few years. Landings 2 is a natural progression from Landings 1 and centres on the gifts that previous participants, i.e. Returnees have that they can share with their faith community.  Contact Ruby at if you would like to know more about Landings 2




The third annual Landings Lecture will be given by Dr Gemma Simmonds, CJ, Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, Newnham College, Cambridge on ‘Happy Landings: Accompanying the Return to Faith and Practice’.  

All welcome.  £10 donation.  

To book a place please e-mail; tel: (020)-7529-4802.  

Fr John Mulligan RIP

As you will be aware Fr John Mulligan died suddenly on the 6th September, the day he was due to travel to Liverpool for the Adoremus Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Conference.
The Funeral arrangements have now been made, and are as follows:

Vigil Mass
Monday 1st October, 7 pm at Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus, Morden (250 Bishopsford Road, SM4 6BZ). Please bring White Diocesan Vestments. 

Funeral Mass
Tuesday 2nd October, 12 noon at Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus, Morden (250 Bishopsford Road, SM4 6BZ). Please bring White Diocesan Vestments.

Wednesday 3rd October, St. Pancras Cemetery, East Finchley. The Parish of Morden has arranged transport for parishioners to attend the burial; clergy are welcome to ‘book’ a place if they wish to share the journey (please email the parish directly for details:

Fr John Mulligan RIP

It was a great sadness to hear of the sudden death early on the morning of Thursday September 6th of Fr John Mulligan, Parish Priest of St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Morden, Surrey, in the Archdiocese of Southwark.  Fr John had been a great supporter of Landings over many years with several programmes running in his parish.  We pray for the repose of Fr John’s soul and for his family, friends and parishioners at this time of shock and loss.

Fr Dominic