Fr. James Leachman OSB RIP

It is with the greatest sadness that we share news about the demise of Fr. James Leachman who died on 29th August 2021. Fr. James was a monk and priest and based at Ealing Abbey.

Among the many things that Fr. James put his hand to, he was co founder of Benedictine Institute, co founder of Institutum Liturgicum, co editor of Liturgicum aestimare: Appreciating the Liturgy, co director of Appreciating the Liturgy and a lecturer. 

Fr. James was also Director of Landings from 2000-2014 and helped establish it at its base in Ealing Abbey. Fr. Dominic Robinson SJ, present Director of Landings UK said “It was really sad to hear of Fr James’ passing. James was an inspiration to so many and not least through his gentle and wise leadership of Landings from 2000 to 2014. All James’ hard work as part of the team that brought Landings to the UK and developed its ethos sowed the seeds for the work we are trying to do today, to be ready to listen to and welcome back returners. May James rest in peace and be assured of the prayers of the Landings UK family for the repose of his soul and for his many friends, his family and confrères whom he leaves behind”.

If anyone would like to attend Fr. James’ funeral, in person on 9th September at Ealing Abbey, then please check this link for details

The funeral service at 2pm will also be live-streamed and can be accessed via this link

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4 Replies to “Fr. James Leachman OSB RIP”

  1. Fr. James was a wonderful inspiration to all who were involved with Landings. My husband, Ian, and I loved our time working with him. He seemed to have boundless energy and love. A very empathetic and spiritual man. Also very original and thoughtful, really a joy and a privilege to have known him as a friend and pastor.
    Thank you James
    Maggie Millrain

    1. There are many who share your thoughts about Fr. James Leachman. Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated.

  2. Dom James Leachman was perhaps the last of the line of monks who began as priests of the CofE before proceeding to Anglican monasticism and then in the EBC. It was such men who led Downside Abbey to its sometime pre-eminence.

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