Research uncovers more Landings parishes

By Kevin McDonnell

We are using contact details from original Landings parish communications, some dating back to 2003, to get in touch with parishes that invested in Landings. This exercise is enabling us to build a picture of the status of Landings in the UK in 2017. We are learning that, down the years, there have been many changes of Landings people across the country, that Landings has died in some parishes, that it is alive and thriving in other parishes and that there is a desire out there to either revisit Landings or look at it for the first time. We are also learning that Landings has made a quiet but very positive difference where it has taken root.

This piece of work will enable us to develop a strategy to reinvigorate Landings. Within this strategy we will use our improved Landings materials, greater teamwork exploiting today’s communication vehicles, the knowledge that we have gained from our experiences, the skills that we have built up throughout the UK and publicity for Landings’  achievements.

If you know of a parish offering Landings, that does not appear here, then please let us know.

One Reply to “Research uncovers more Landings parishes”

  1. Dear Landings Team

    We do not have Landings in this parish. I believe you have my contact from a day in London I attended a few years ago. Please send me through some literature so I can see if this is something we can do.

    Kind regards
    Tess Pritchard
    Parish Administrator

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